Random acts of kindnessĀ 

So a few weeks ago I was in Aldi doing our food shop for the week and there was a couple in front of me about the same age as my folks. They put all their items through and then went to pay. Then their card was declined! The lady was like I have some cash, so she put the cash through and then went to put the balance on their card which once again unfortunately for them, declined.

The lady said, what do we do now – I’ll take some items off! Now, I was behind them in the queue and I don’t really do queues and to be honest they didn’t have anything extravagant in their trolley! They had one case of beer which was the first item the lady went to take off, when I piped up and said – don’t worry about it I’ll get it!

They all looked at me stunned, the couple and the teller, and I said ‘I mean it, I’m happy to get those for you’. A part of the act was probably selfish, I didn’t want to wait while they worked out $50 of items to take out, and another part of me would like to think that people would do that for me if I ever needed it. 

The lady was shocked and said no you won’t, but I said it’s not a big deal, I don’t mind helping – it’s good karma! God love her, she wasn’t going to accept, but I managed to talk her into it. If they’d had a trolley load of booze I don’t think I would have done it, but they didn’t have anything crazy in their trolley and even the beer – it was a Friday and I didn’t want to think they’d miss out on a beer on a weekend!

The lady asked for my phone number so she could repay me – and whilst I could have given it, I refused. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.  She held my hand and I could feel the appreciation from her – and whilst it’s not something I’ll do every week – I was more than happy to pick up the balance and help them out.

I told her my name but that’s all I would divulge. She asked the teller if he knew me – which obviously he didn’t – and I just popped my card in and paid the balance. 

The lady behind me in the queue said you’ve brought tears to my eyes! She asked if I’d been listening to a radio station (I don’t remember which) and I hadn’t as I’d been at work – she said they’d been talking about random acts of kindness that morning and she was amazed to see one being carried out in front of her!

The teller said thanks to me too, that it was one of the nicest things he’d ever seen and that he hoped I’d have the best weekend!

Whilst it might be bit crazy, and obviously quite rare – I didn’t think too much about it! I posted it on my personal Facebook and got heaps of comments…which I strangely felt guilty about. I didn’t do it for praise, I could afford to do it – and it made me feel happy!

It got me thinking, have you ever been part of a random act of kindness? 


Why did I buy primer?

Ok, I bought a primer after reading a fabulous article about one from the face of Australia. It said it was the best thing that you could buy make up wise and in terms of value for money. So today while I was at the shops I saw it and decided to buy one to try.

One of the main reasons was that if you use a primer you wouldn’t need to re apply mid afternoon! Now bear in mind that I hardly ever wear make up – and if I do, I don’t touch it up in the afternoon anymore – so why did I get suckered into buying a product I don’t need?

I think it’s because I have every intention of putting in the effort and ‘not letting myself go’ – however on a daily basis I usually end up scrapping my hair into a bun and going make up free.

I used to wear make up every day, and when I knew I was about to see the chef, I’d style my hair and put on an outfit. Poor bloke must be wondering where that chick went eeeek!

I don’t blame being a mum for my lack of effort, I work on a building site twice a week and I don’t think doing my hair and make up would go with my safety boots etc.
I wear make up once a week when I’m based on a solicitors office – it’s my time to wear skirts/dresses and make up! I often think it looks like it’s been applied with a trowel as I’m out of practice, but I will get there – and I’ll try this primer and see if it maybe gives me the inspiration to go all out and feel girly more often.

Anyone else out there like me?

Puppy love

So we decided that a puppy would make our family complete and after much debate over breeds and all other kinds of doggy stuff, we decided on our beagle x cavalier King Charles Astrid.

The cross breed is apparently an incredibly loyal, family friendly and incredibly intelligent dog. So far, so good – she’s adorable, loves to play with the girls and has me and the chef wrapped around her little finger.

I’ve never owned a dog before, growing up my parents worked and decided that a dog would require more attention than we would be able to give, my dad worked shifts – and my sister and I swam every night (and most mornings) and competed most weekends – so it wouldn’t have been fair, so this puppy stuff is all new to me.

I have to admit I am completely in love already – she’s fitted into our family perfectly, she only had one unsettled night and is doing great with her training.

I’m loving the extra walks that we’re taking as a family, our new routine involves an extra walk after dinner when the chef heads back to work.

I feel that we can offer her a great home, lots of attention and love šŸ˜Š I hope she loves us as much as we adore her.

Here’s hoping this great relationship lasts a long time…


Diet Self Sabotage

I’m hoping I’m not the only one that does that but I’m finding myself increasingly self sabotaging my own diet! 

For the record no one has suggested I lose weight, but I wanted to get back to pre-chef weight for myself (pre-chef weight is lower than pre-baby) and I started doing weightwatchers. 

I found it incredibly easy to do whilst I was breastfeeding – even having wine and desserts I was always within my points and the weight came off easily.

I foolishly stopped following the program when I stopped breastfeeding, I thought I had enough on my plate and I wouldn’t go too astray! Well bugger me but that wasn’t my wisest decision ever! When I stopped I was within 1-3kgs of my goal weight. It fluctuated as my pre-chef weight did so I wasn’t too bothered.

But now, in the short space of two months I’ve put on nearly 6kgs so I’m now 7-9kgs off my goal…the management of my food intake has gone by the wayside – I’ve been trying for the last few weeks to get back into it, but as I’m no longer breastfeeding my point allowance is way lower and I’m struggling to stick to it – even though I know it works!!! 

I eat great during the day and my points are well within range, but once the girls are in bed I find myself eating chips, chocolate and drinking an odd glass of wine and going crazy over my allowance.

I would say it’s boredom but I’ve been crocheting a blanket, making the silicone teething necklaces and catching up on housework or work on a night – yet I still find myself self sabotaging my diet!

Tonight I finished a blanket and had left myself enough points to have one glass of wine, but I’ve opened the packet of barbecue shapes to go with it and now I’m so disappointed in myself…

I was feeling great, I had more clothes in my wardrobe I could wear and I made more of an effort with my appearance when I was close to my goal – but now the fat jeans are having to come back out šŸ˜©

It’s the chefs 40th birthday in 2 weeks and we’re having a bit of a celebration and I really wanted to look and feel good about myself, but now I’m sabotaging myself and I’m probably going to have to buy a ‘fat’ dress to wear – don’t get me wrong, I’m not obese and I look kinda okay, but I wanted to look great and I’m angry with myself for being so weak…

I’m only letting myself down, the chef isn’t bothered what I weigh as long as I’m happy – which is great, he is so supportive – helping me work out points for the meals he makes and not being as extravagant with the old butter and cream as he’d probably like…

Is it just me who does this…??

Why I’m bored of reality tv

I don’t know about you guys out there but I’m definitely over reality TV these days – if it’s not a lose weight show, it’s a cooking show, renovation show or singing or dating and to be honest I’m so bored with them that I’m hanging for something new to get sucked into.

All the shows are so similar that it feels like I haven’t seen an original concept in years. My first real dose of reality was Australian big brother in 2001. I loved it, it was like nothing I’ve seen before and I got suckered right in…but even then I watched maybe one more season before I was bored with all the wannabe famous people only on there to try and score themselves a deal!

Singing shows I’ve never gotten into – no real reason apart from I hate seeing the manipulation of the background story to make you feel for the person and vote for them based on that rather than their actual ability.

I do enjoy the biggest loser, whilst sitting on the couch eating chips but I find the weight loss unrealistic to maintain. If you work you don’t have 5 hours a day to spend in the gym, if you work and have kids having a shower can sometimes be a challenge, or maybe that’s just me šŸ˜Š

Cooking shows I find a bit frustrating! I get that people can have a passion for food, but to work as a qualified chef takes years of apprenticeships and honing your skill set, whilst contestants on there score awesome jobs, often on TV shows and produce recipe books! Like seriously wtf! 

My other half is an amazing chef, he spends hours researching and changing recipes until he’s satisfied with the end result, especially trying to make sure that the end result can be achieved by anyone making the dish at his work. Does he want to be in the spotlight – nope, but does someone who has cooked on TV really deserve their own show when some established chefs are waiting to break into the spotlight?! I’m not so sure..

Renovation shows I used to enjoy but there are so many variations on the same contest that instead of encouraging me to watch more, it’s actually made me switch off. I get that what works for one channel is often reworked for another station with a twist, but I like variety in my mind numbing television šŸ˜Š

Now don’t get me wrong, there are still some reality shows I love, say yes to the dress, modelling and fashion design shows, but I’d love a new concept to be released and sucker me in, otherwise I’m going to have to start getting into sitcoms or drama shows…

What about you – do you want something new or are you happy with what’s currently out there?

The power of a hug

I am one of natures huggers, I hug hello, I hug goodbye and I don’t think there’s a situation I’ve been in where a hug hasn’t made me feel a bit better if I’m having a rough day.

This morning as I dropped rhubarb and chuckles at daycare before I went to work, I bumped into a lovely lady who I often see as she drops her little ones at the same time. She was in reception as I was taking chuckles to her room after dropping rhubarb and when I was leaving she was still there and she’d put her sunglasses on. She wasn’t outwardly upset that I could see but she hadn’t gone anywhere so I asked if she was ok! 

Her youngest doesn’t like her leaving and sometimes cries, which every mum knows makes you feel like shit! Even though you know they get over it, it’s hard to leave your kids crying.

I asked if she wanted me to check on him and she said yes, now at this stage he was still upset (I saw her in the afternoon and she told me they couldn’t find his special toy) so I didn’t want to lie, so I said he was with the teacher but was still a bit sad – by this stage she looked emotional and so I asked if she wanted a hug! 

She hugged me back and after a while I said I’ll go check again…I popped back into the room as I know rhubarb won’t be bothered if she sees me again – and he was no longer crying, he was with the teacher and whilst he wasn’t overjoyed, he wasn’t sobbing like he had been. I popped back and told her he’d settled and she seemed so relieved and we both went out to our cars and left.

This afternoon when I bumped into her again she said ‘thank you so much for this morning, you’ve got no idea how much I needed that hug’ and said if you ever need anything or I can return the favour please let me know..

My heart went out to her this morning, sometimes leaving your kids at daycare is hard – we’ve all got bills to pay though and daycare is amazing assistance to everyone who uses it! This afternoon when I talked to her son he said he’d had a great day, which we know usually happens…as parents we take the guilt to work and feel terrible, while our kids have forgotten about it and are playing happily.

I just wanted to say if you think someone needs a hug, even if you don’t know them that well, if you’re comfortable doing it – ask them if they want a hug…you never know how you might change their day through a simple act that costs you nothing šŸ˜Š

Traumatising kids with Disney moviesĀ 

So last weekend it was a rainy weekend and I decided that we’d seen enough princess movies and it was time to watch The Lion King with my eldest Rhubarb šŸ˜Š now we’d read the book and whilst I know she’s a sensitive little soul at 3.5 I thought she could handle the fact that mufasa dies – how wrong could I be!!!

Cue the scene where he dies and she sobs, I thought that might happen – but what I didn’t expect was the questions through the rest of the movie ‘why did his daddy die’ ‘is his daddy coming back’ ‘how is the daddy talking to him from the sky’ she continued to cry after the movie and I thought that I’d honestly traumatised her for life…

The subject of death comes up quite often in Disney movies and she usually doesn’t question it, so I’m not sure what it was about The Lion King that affected her so…did this movie affect any other little ones?!